16 Sep 2012

"The Twitter Girls" see Bondax at Pulse

After a brilliant week down by the seaside in Brighton, I had resigned myself to all of us splitting up and returning to our respective ends of the country. Little did I know, Laura’s incessant tweeting would finally prove to be a worthwhile use of her time, which I was soon to benefit from in a big way!
Having been hooked on the melancholic, romantic electronic sound of Bondax since I first stumbled across “You’re So” in January, I was jumping for joy when I got the call from Laura saying she’d won two tickets to a night they were playing, via a Twitter competition. The event was a Troupe night at Pulse Warehouse in Southwark, with Loefah as headliner. On arriving at the club, we coincidently found ourselves directly next to Bondax on the pavement (see photo..), and after a rather over-excited introduction and a quick explanation that we were in fact “the twitter girls”, we cheekily managed to tag along with the men themselves and bypass the long queue that had formed outside the club (with a suave nod of reassurance to the bouncers from their agent Dan).
After enjoying a summery, sunny set by Croz, it was onto what was – at least for us – the main event. Perhaps unsurprisingly Room 1 had emptied out somewhat as there was something of an exodus into Room 2 to hear Bondax’s set. This being the first time I had finally managed to see a set by the producers that had pretty much been the soundtrack to my summer, I was extremely excited. The characteristic sultry, ambient, bass driven sound ran through the whole set with the entire crowd going nuts when they dropped ‘Baby I Got That’. Other than hearing all the infectious vocals of their own songs - particularly 'It's You' and 'All Inside' - another personal highlight was hearing their remix of AlunaGeorge’s ‘I Know You Like It’ which I am yet to get even vaguely bored off, despite playing it before any night out. It was an incredible set; made even better by the energetic, happy crowd who were all clearly loving Bondax as much as I was.
My night finished with a set by Seedy Sonics – who I had not come across previously – DJs hailing from Birmingham. Although I was on my ones by this point, the familiar sounds of Disclosure, Bashmore and Hot Since 82, made this a very enjoyable end to a very special night.  

10 Sep 2012

You Were (Honest Remix) - Kyogi

Similar summery vibes to that of Armeria, American producer Honest remixes Kyogi's track 'You Were' creating a slightly snappier and more upbeat version.

3 Sep 2012

Meant To Be - Skanky

Found this beauty whilst perusing through the Eton Messy boys' stuff from up-and-coming North London producer Skanky.

1 Sep 2012

Cognac - Aaron Lipsett & Fion

This collaboration between Aaron Lipsett and Fion has been on repeat on my iTunes for a while. Can't get enough of these vocals from Brandy, definitely ones to watch on the future garage scene.