30 Dec 2012

Diver - AlunaGeorge

Brought to you by one of 15 acts nominated for the BBC's coveted 'Sound of 2013' Award, AlunaGeorge; this is a teaser of one song featured on their debut album 'Diver'. Having soundtracked my summer of 2012 with both their songs 'You Know You Like It' and 'Your Drums, Your Love', and accompanied by this video, I predict this tune will be high on my playlist for summer 2013..

29 Dec 2012

Disclosure b2b Skream Boiler Room

As 2012 draws to a close I must draw attention to the Disclosure b2b Skream Boiler Room DJ set at the Presidential Suite of the W Hotel in London. I streamed this on boilerroom.tv as the madness unfolded whilst crying into my pillow. What I wouldn't have given to be there to enjoy not only the high calibre of music but also Skream being characteristically hilarious in the midst of a messy pillow fight (circa 45 minutes in) and Disclosure dropping a VIP mix of their own remix of Jessie Ware's 'Running'. Probably one of the best boiler room sets of the year (if not of all time).

27 Dec 2012

Hurt - Ben Pearce

I was surprised to hear that deep house mastermind Ben Pearce only discovered electronic music in his late teenage years, as the crowd (me included) has gone wild for his debut 'What I Might Do' sampled from a soulful Anthony Hamilton tune. Among other greats are his remix of Sailor & I's 'Tough Love' but I just can't get enough of those smooth vocals on 'Hurt' by his own label Purp & Soul.

23 Dec 2012

Sweet Talk (Cyril Hahn Remix) - Jessie Ware

The King of deep house remixing keeps knocking 'em out of the park, and this is no exception. With a dose of Cyril's magic touch Jessie Ware's R&B/funk tune 'Sweet Talk' becomes darker and sexier.

22 Dec 2012


A bit of a change in tempo and genre here, but this is the sound of the faceless electronic duo 'Rhye' hailing from LA. Listeners are left to imagine the girl who is behind the Sade-like, intimate vocals featured on their EP 'Open'. It was a surprise to my ears to hear that the vocalist in question is in fact a man - Mike Milosh, who is joined by Quadron in making up the duo that is Rhye. Both 'Open' and 'The Fall' offer an updated, modern soulful sound that is both moving and addictive; layering whisphery vocals and overwhelming honest and uncomplicated lyrics over calm production reminiscent of The xx.

8 Dec 2012

Pale Moonlight (Mak & Pasteman Remix) - Chaos in the CBD

Mak & Pasteman are remixing demigods walking among mere mortals. A heavier take on Chaos in the CBD's 'Pale Moonlight'.