9 Dec 2013

RA Poll: Top DJs of 2013

Resident Advisor have just released their poll of the top DJs of 2013 and it makes interesting reading. They pride themselves on the fact that they allow only registered RA users to vote on DJs that were in their 2013 calendars, which definitely emphasises the purity of their results but then again leaves out thousands of music lovers not registered with RA and even those who are registered couldn't vote for the DJs they love if they weren't in their calendar. But still, you can't fault the list itself.

Dixon takes a well deserved first place, and having seen him play at Motion with Future Boogie a few weeks ago I can definitely see why. The Berlin-based Innervisions boss is technically flawless in mixing and producing and has to be seen in action to be believed. Have a listen to his essential mix to feel the force.

Cracking seeing Tale of Us and Bristol boy Eats Everything so high up followed closely by the likes of Jackmaster, Hot Since 82, Joy O and Scuba but Dusky deffo deserved to be higher although no. 43 isn't so bad given the extreme calibre of DJs featuring on the list.

Take a look at the full list here.

6 Dec 2013

Heartbreaker - Crazy P

Throwback to this time last year. Aaahhhhh. End of the night sunrise vibes.

5 Nov 2013

Truths EP - Maribou State

From the Truths EP out on Southern Fried Records, two absolutely beaut tracks. Particularly mad on Jimi's vocals dripping with soul on the title track.

30 Oct 2013

Hot Since 82 - Little Black Book

Much to the dismay of my housemates I've had Hot Since 82's new album 'Little Black Book' on the Moda Black label stuck on repeat for an annoyingly long time. BUT IT'S JUST SO DAMN GOOD. At 30, Leeds based Daley Padley is one of the more seasoned, shall we say, of producers compared to the myriad fresh-faced teens that are doing the circuit at the moment.
He started DJing when he was 17 giving him plenty of time to perfect his craft. A regular at Ibiza superclubs, he became somewhat disillusioned with the direction his music was heading in and dropped off the scene circa 2007. Thank the Lord he fell back in love with it other wise I never would have got my filthy hands on this absolute belter of an album.
Dark, mysterious, atmospheric, textured, sexy house with euphoric builds and hefty drops is what it's all about. 'Chords' and his remix of Shadow Child's 'So High' are two of my favourites from the album, but make sure you check out the whole thing. Well worth it.

29 Oct 2013

Anthem - N Joi

This got played out as the last song in the warehouse at Motion's huge halloween party, Just Jack Freak Boutique. Huge old school, piano house from 1991 wwhhuuuttt.

21 Oct 2013

Careless EP - Dusky

Dusky's Careless EP got released back in September on Aus Music but man it just does not get old. I could literally listen to this ALL DAY son. Vocal samples that hook you so easily, chunky dance floor bass, and that dark Dusky sound that gives the boys an ominous edge. Play it agaaaiinnn.

17 Oct 2013

Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Remix) - Teedra Moses

Just stumbled across this beauty and couldn't let it pass. Up and coming Montreal producer Kevin Celestin is originally from Haiti and grew up listening to the likes of Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Louis Armstrong. He cites his influences as 80s R&B and funk which becomes apparent as you delve into the glorious realm of his sensual electro beats. Love-making music.

13 Oct 2013

Free - Star Slinger

Manchester based Darren Williams is probably more famed for his remixes than originals but with 'Free' he proves that he's got the whole musical package. This airy, funky, jazzy tune is a taster from his debut LP getting released in early 2014.

12 Oct 2013

Feel It - Walter Ego

Making waves on the underground UK funky, grime, house and everything in between scene is Sheffield boy Josh Gregory. Classed as the one to watch by underground tastemakers like Rinse FM and Monki, this guy looks set for big things, especially since his release 'Heaven' on Kerri Chandler's MadTech back in August which made him a household name with house lovers. 'Feel It' definitely my fav so far.

9 Oct 2013

Untitled - Burial & Four Tet

Ripped from Four Tet's 8 hour long takeover on Rinse FM comes an untitled, unreleased collab between Four Tet and Burial. A spine-tingling vocal sample, reverb and heavy bassline all contribute to this stellar yet omnious garage-y track. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING THIS MR. TET

3 Oct 2013

Brown Bread - Mak & Pasteman

Hailing from Leeds, the Mak & Pasteman boys frequented Subdub often in their younger years which ended up heavily influencing their sound. Forthcoming in November on Naked Naked, they've smashed it once again with this heavy bass, tech-house beauty.

2 Oct 2013

Girls Love Beyonce (Will Heard Cover) - Drake

You might have heard this charming Londoner's voice feature on Klangkarussel's summer hit 'Sonnentanz', but his cover of Drake's 'Girls Love Beyonce' for SBTV really takes the biscuit. One of the most funk-filled and soulful voices I've heard in a while, he's currently working on new material and is playing gigs here and there in London so catch him if you can.

25 Sep 2013

Help Me Lose My Mind (Paul Woolford Remix) - Disclosure ft. London Grammar

Man of the moment and long time veteran of all things house and techno, Paul Woolford changes London Grammar's 'Help Me Lose My Mind' from a chilled, indie, slow burner into a piano-led house stonker that smacks you in the face with his signature sound right from the off, reminiscent of his earlier 'Untitled'. He keeps Hannah Reid's ethereal vocals mostly intact and chucks in some crazy looped piano chords with a good measure of hefty bass. Et voila.

23 Sep 2013

Rhythm - Deetron ft. Ben Westbeech

I think this might be the one to catapult Swiss producer Deetron from the shadowy underground into the limelight. The first single from his 'Music Over Matter' LP on Music Man Records, the progressive house track ebbs and flows with resonating synths and soulful enthralling vocals from Ben Westbeech aka Breach.

19 Sep 2013

Without (Bodhi remix) - Sampha

Big time collaborative favourite of SBTRKT, Sampha, drips his silky smooth vocals all over 'Without' and Cardiff duo Bodhi have done it justice is in this gorgeous, synthy house rework.

17 Sep 2013

Dream Koala

I have recently become aware that many of my posts are drifting increasingly further away from the sentiment at the heart of Stacking Beats (beats, bass and shaking our behinds), with slower tempos and diminshing bass. And I'm afraid this post is to follow in that trend - Dream Koala is French, but based in Berlin, and rivals the xx in making the best atmospheric, minimal electronic music around. Having only recently stumbled upon his music, my immediate favourites are 'Oydessy' and 'We Can't Be Friends'. Not exactly cheery, Dream Koala's music manages to be both dreamlike and gripping at the same time.

Letting Go - Outboxx

Brought to you by Futureboogie, 'Letting Go' is 1 of 4 tracks comprising Bristol duo Outboxx's new EP. Probably the most chilled track on the EP, 'Letting Go' features calm-inducing vocals from Naomi Jeremy over soulful organs.

Not The Same - Armeria

Another absolute corker from a consistent favourite of mine, Leeds based youngster Armeria. Out on Toyboy & Robin's Cool Kid Music, I can always rely on Armeria to dole out some feel good melodies for rainy and sunny days alike with a dream like and enigmatic quality.

15 Sep 2013

See Right Through ft. Fiora - Tensnake

House bigshot and Hamburg based Marco Niemerski premiered his beaut track 'See Right Through' featuring atmospheric vocals from Fiora on Pete Tong's essential mix back in June. I'm loving the video which was released last week and is a modern day Bonnie & Clyde short film featuring Allen Leech from Downton Abbey. Both together create a haunting effect.

10 Sep 2013

Bugged Out invade XOYO

As I turned 21 this summer, it had to be celebrated with sufficient vigour. Enough to give me that nasty 2 day hangover. And I certainly succeeded on both fronts. I carefully selected XOYO as my venue of choice with Bugged Out at the helm and T.Williams, Maribou State and Breach on the decks.

I was particularly looking forward to seeing favourites Maribou State but to my huge disappointment and due to my somewhat intoxicated state I managed to completely miss them. However, I was so mesmerised by Breach that I failed to notice that I'd even missed out on Maribou until the morning after.

Breach aka Ben Westbeech is a master of multiple instruments as well as vocals, has had success with Dark Sky and Dusky releases on his 'Naked Naked' label, and more recently he has been well and truly smashing it in the past few months with his astronomically massive hit 'Jack', a tune so big your grandparents probably know the words. So it's no surprise that he bloody brought the house down spinning a slick mix of Jack, busting some serious moves behind the decks, even singing along with a deep and soulful voice at some stages and getting some old school club classics in at the end when the lights were fully on and no one would leave.

I can't find any clips from Saturday to share with you all so you'll have to go and check him out live immediately and I'll leave you with his new single 'Everything You Never Had' featuring vocals from Andreya Triana.

9 Sep 2013

BBC Radio 6 Getting to Know Bondax

An interesting insight into youngsters Adam and George's more unusual musical influences on Edith Bowman's 'Getting to Know' feature.

BBC Radio 6 Getting to Know Bondax

1 Sep 2013

Summer Breeze - The Isley Brothers

One of the highlights of my summer was hearing this as Bondax's last tune on the We Own Boat Party at Hideout in Croatia. Happy daaayyyyysssss. So as summer 2013 draws to a sad but inevitable close, give this a blast and have a bit of a wallow in how bloody fantastic summer was and how it will all be a little bit shitter now that it's September.

29 Aug 2013

Izzy Bizu - White Tiger

'White Tiger' by 19 year old Izzy Bizu is quite a dramatic change from all previous, bass-heavy tracks featured on our blog, but her voice is so beautiful and listenable, I had to give it a quick mention. With so many female solo singers knocking about these days, you have to have a significant degree of originality about your voice to really do well and race ahead of the others - a la Adele, Amy Winehouse et cetera. On the basis of her debut single, the piano-accompanied, upbeat 'White Tiger', I say Izzy Bizu is one to watch.

28 Aug 2013

BANKS - Waiting Game (prod. by SOHN)

Incredibly haunting vocals and bass on this new track by fast rising vocal talent, BANKS. A very unique, dark and eerie song, which I both love and feel slightly scared of at the same time (particularly when watching the accompanying video). Now, eagerly await an inevitably great remix!

27 Aug 2013

Bondax - Giving It All (Joe Goddard Remix)

Bondax's new track has already received the remix treatement from both Friend Within and Kiwi Juice. Enter the legendary Joe Goddard - third time lucky, as they say. He speeds it up, strips back the vocals, and allows the track to build for much longer than the original. Another successful venture by Mr. Goddard.

21 Aug 2013

Ella Fitzgerald - Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles remix)

This is incredible. I haven't heard much from Maya Jane Coles lately that has really wow-ed me, but hearing this remix of Ella Fitzgerald has reminded me of how talented she is. I found the contrast of retro and modern produces something that is really memorable and stands in contrast to the incessant sampling of more contemporary R&B samples i.e. Brandy, Cassie, Aaligh etc, in a lot of house tracks at the moment. Beautiful!

18 Aug 2013

Green Velvet - Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82)

Hot Since 82 has remixed the Green Velvet track 'Bigger Than Prince' from earlier this year. The Leeds producer ups the tempo and adds a bouncing beat, the result being a sexy, dark remix of this already infectious house song. Reminds me of the moment at around 5am in a festival tent, when the atmosphere tends to take a darker turn.

FKA Twigs - Water Me

Slightly different to the usual vein of this blog, this song is co-produced by Arca (who teamed up with Kanye to produce a number of his tracks on the album 'Yeezus'). The video is one of the creepiest I've ever seen (avoid if you have a fear of dolls/anime), and is perfectly paired with the eerie, haunting nature of the song itself.

10 Aug 2013

Maribou State - 'All Time Favourites' Minimix

I can only apologise for allowing this one to pass me by until today. Brought to you by my absolute favourite producing duo of the day - Maribou State - I have no excuses to offer for having only just stumbled across this 10 minute minimix of pure brilliance. The pair have been experiencing burgeoning, much-deserved success and recognition since 2011, with their most recent releases including 'Scarlett Groove' and 'Tongue'.

The first time I listened to this minimix, I did so without glancing at the set list, and could not believe the number of songs which would undoubtedly feature in my list of all time top songs ever (I always knew Maribou State and I were KINDRED SPIRTIS): Dawn Penn, Daughter, Jai Paul, Floating Points and Kelis to name but a few. I feel this minimix showcases Maribou State's sheer skill and bredth of musical influence. A personal favourite moment was hearing the vocals from one my fave song of the past year Rhye's 'Open', appearing over The Weeknd track - a beauty!

9 Aug 2013

Bristol In:Motion 2013 line-ups released

Holy crap, the Bristol In:Motion 2013 line-ups are out and I may as well say goodbye to my degree now. Over the past few years I've learnt that Motion will never let me down with its expertly curated line-ups and unique, vibrant, cavernous venue which doubles as a skate park by day. This year they've managed to out do themselves with their autumn season that will see nights going from 27th September to their epic New Year's party and will guarantee my presence most weekends.

The events that particularly caught my eye include Subsoul, Trouble Vision Presents, Just Jack Halloween Freak Boutique, Future Boogie and Annie Mac Presents. Mostly I'd be revisiting old faves like Redlight, Scuba, Soul Clap, Eats Everything, Jackmaster, Maxxi Soundsystem and of course the absolute nutcase that is Justin Martin, but there's a whole bunch in there who I haven't seen yet and would probably do illegal things to be able to attend such as Shadow Child, Maribou State, Dusky, Will Saul and Cyril Hahn.

This autumn Motion has undoubtedly turned itself into a bloody treasure trove of electronic music, and with AMP tickets already sold out after only 3 days of being on sale I'd nab some quick if I were you.

Click here for full line-ups and tickets

6 Aug 2013

Lost - Leftwing & Kody

Released yesterday this deep house banger from duo Leftwing & Kody will no doubt be HUGE on the club scene. Vibes similar to that of Bicep and Dusky and a soulful vocal sample and bassline that'll make you wanna get up and move. Get ready for some bass face. 

5 Aug 2013

Someone - Applebottom

I've been a bit disillusioned with Bristolian Applebottom's past couple of tracks since the brilliance of 'Let You' and 'All Nite' but he has well and truly reignited my love for his productions with 'Someone', an enthralling house track with looped, hooky vocals.

31 Jul 2013

Mano Le Tough

I first got my ears on Mano Le Tough aka Irishman Niall Mannion at the Jack Music Agency Launch at Bristol in June and boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. He prefers to refer to his genre of atmospheric house as 'cool songs' or 'folkal house' which totally makes sense after listening to a single track. My favourites are 'Changing Days' and his remix of Batongo's 'Aguirre' but this live set from Warung Beach Club in Brazil will take you on an eclectic musical journey you won't let go of in a hurry.

30 Jul 2013

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

One moment which I can partially recall from the hazy memories I have of this year's Farr Festival, is SOMEONE playing this on Friday night. In 1998, Stardust was formed for a one off musical collaboration. Comprising of Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond, Stardust successfully embedded 'Music Sounds Better With You' in the minds of millions - and 15 years on, it stills sounds just as good!

Laura Mvula - SHE (MJ Cole Remix)

British soul singer-songwriter Laura Mvula was nominated for the BBC Sound of 2013 and released her debut album in March of this year. In characteristic MJ Cole style, this remix transforms the mellow original into a summery, uplifting track perfect for time spent in the glorious weather that we seem to have seen the last of here in Blighty.

Paul Woolford - Untitled [HFT030]

THIS is the song of my summer 2013. Hearing this is Eats Everything's set was the absolute stand-out moment from my trip to Farr Festival in Herefordshire last weekend. Released on Hotflush, 'Untitled' is definitely made with the dance-floor in mind. And festivals. And Ibizan sunrises. And so on and so forth.

29 Jul 2013

The Hype ft. Eliza Doolittle - Wookie

Having featured on Disclosure's smash hit 'You & Me' it seems that Eliza Doolittle is stepping further into the realm of garage and bass infused house music by teaming up with 2-step master Wookie in this sensual and infectious track.

22 Jul 2013

BANKS - Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

This is seriously addictive. The mysterious London duo Snakehips has given BANKS' 'Warm Water' a revamp, the result being an indie house remix that I've had on repeat since first hearing. Far from distracting from BANKS' vocal talents, Snakehips allow her hypnotizying vocals to shine through over a smooth electronic backing.

21 Jul 2013

1 More Night - Skanky

The more I hear from Skanky, the more I fall in love with him. Another perfectly blended house and garage infusion with a more than obvious nod to the 90s.

20 Jul 2013

Girls Love Beyonce (SBRTKT edit) - Drake

SBTRKT has been a bit M.I.A on releasing new tracks since his debut album stunned everyone with its originality and beauty back in 2011. But he's given us something new to get our teeth into with Drake's totally reworked ode to Beyonce in this glitchy, chilled and textured edit.

14 Jul 2013

Sexual Healing (Marving Gaye cover) - Hot 8 Brass Band

Had never come across this before and it was actually released way back in 2007, but Jackmaster playing this as his last track at the Numbers Pool Party at Hideout with the sun on our backs and Coronas in hand was probably one of the most euphoric moments of my life to date. An absolutely beaut jazzy brass band cover of Marvin Gaye's classic.

1 Jul 2013

Taking Over - Joe Goddard

Joe Goddard needs little introduction. One half of Two Bears, the better half of Hot Chip and co-founder of Greco-Roman, the man has many accolades to his name. 'Taking Over' - the 4 track EP - is his first solo release since 'Gabriel' in 2011. Although not the most ostentatious track on the EP, 'Taking Over' is the standout for me - a sort of electronic ballad, with soft vocals layered over guitar melodies.

30 Jun 2013

Right Here (Hot Since 82 Remix) - Rudimental

Hot Since 82 aka Leeds boy Daley Padley gives Rudimental's 'Right Here' a serious reworking lending it his trademark dark and mysterious deep house feel with one of those large builds and drops that make the crowd go ooossshhhh.

25 Jun 2013

True ft. Yasmin - Drums of Death

Another Black Butter beauty, London based producer Colin Bailey has smashed it with this infectious, sexy, summer house track flavoured with Yasmin's R&B-esque vocals. One for the charts and the underground alike.

19 Jun 2013

Everything ft. Karin Park (Blond:ish Remix) - Maya Jane Coles

Canadian gal pals Anastacia and Vivie-Ann aka Blond:ish have turned Maya Jane Coles' 'Everything' from her debut album Comfort into a darker, moodier, more enigmatic edit.

16 Jun 2013

Shadow Child

Shadow Child, real name Simon Neale, has been dominating alotta air time on my ipod recently. Having moved on from 'Dave Spoon' to break the creative boundaries associated with the name, Shadow Child's bass heavy tech house has been tearing up dancefloors all over the shop. This new project burst on the scene with the Dirtybird release 'String Thing' in early 2012 and has gone on to prove the change of name was no mistake. The uplifting trademark sound born of Shadow Child is instantly recognisable and annoyingly infectious in tracks like '23' feat. Tymer, his remix of 'Annie's Song' and obviously the huge Hot Natured remix of 'Reverse Skydiving'. Most recently and possibly my favourite to date is the euphoric remix of Movement's 'Feel Real' with stripped down and seductive vocals complemented perfectly with the aforementioned distinguishable, deep bassline which has cemented him in the proud place of my new obsession. I salute you Shadow Child/Simon/Dave.

15 Jun 2013

No Diggity (Bondax Edit) - Blackstreet

Bondax have done it again with this rework of Blackstreet's notorious anthem 'No Diggity' giving it the house treatment with a funky beat, heavier bass and cosmic synths.

14 Jun 2013

On & On (TCTS Remix) - Snakehips

Hailing from Manchester, Sam O'Neill aka TCTS first caught my attention, and that of a plethora of Radio 1 DJs, at the end of 2012 with his old school, bassy and highly infectious house track '1997' which dropped on Bondax's JustUs label. Since then I've come to covet anything produced by this seriously talented Northerner, particularly appreciating his penchant for soulful and catchy vocal samples. Most recently his remix of London duo Snakehip's synthy, silky and soulful 'On & On' has been stuck on repeat for days. Whilst the original is a beaut by itself, TCTS ups the tempo, chops up the vocals and lends it a funkier, housier feel.

4 Jun 2013

Fucked Up (Huxley Remix) - Joel Compass

Huxley aka Michael Dodman first saw success as a young garage producer but has been making waves on the house scene in the past couple of years after a shift to heftier, bassy house music. Here he remixes Black Butter's new boy Joel Compass stamping it with his UK garage influenced house vibes and using those unbelievably hooky vocals.

2 Jun 2013


Oh godddddddddd I actually can't get enough of London based Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman with their bass-heavy, ambient, soulful, jackin deep house grooves. It began for me with their remix of Justin Martin's 'Don't Go' and continued with an unhealthy obsession with the vocal-heavy and atmospheric 'Nobody Else' on Will Saul's label Aus. Along came a string of addictive, chunky house tracks such as 'Vanishing Point' and 'Truth Capital T' and then, they brought out the big guns with their remix of Close (aka Will Saul's) 'My Way'. In true Dusky style, the boys add an incomprehensible amount of depth to this already stellar track making it more dance-floor friendly with heavier and more hypnotic instrumentation.

28 May 2013

Sacrifice - Simian Mobile Disco & Sacrifice

This is an absolutely dreamy collab between music veterans Simian Mobile Disco and the bloggers behind 'Feel My Bicep' Bicep. This slow burner builds with melodic and hypnotic synths and then goes in heavy with a euphoric, beefy bass drop. Definitely one for the summer festivals and Ibizan beaches.

23 May 2013

Found Somebody - Para

Ohhhh myyy goooddddd, can't get enoughhhh. Emotive, soulful, dreamy house from London based Para. Beautiful.

22 May 2013

Praise You (Maribou State Remix) - Fatboy Slim

This is an absolutely supreme remix of Fatboy Slim's classic 1999 hit 'Praise You' by Maribou State who just can't seem to put a foot wrong. They've reworked the track so extensively that the upbeat original is barely recognisable in this much darker, mesmerising, hypnotic edit.

21 May 2013

Be Mine - Blonde

Another funky, feel-good, infectious house track from duo Blonde, sampling some sweet-like-chocolate vocals from Usher.

20 May 2013

Got Me (Produced by The EEL) - Sinead Harnett

Remember Sinead Harnett from Disclosure's summer hit 'Boiling'? Well the Londoner is back with a vengeance and laying smooth but powerful vocals over a a plethora of tracks for the likes of Kidnap Kid and Rudimental. My current favourite is her debut solo single produced by Eats Everything and Lukas forthcoming on Black Butter.

16 May 2013

Real Connoisseur

I've just stumbled upon Oxford-based Connor Lloyd and boy is he something. I'm finding it difficult to digest that he's only 19 given the mature quality of his deep house beats and the fact that he's in cahoots with Ben Pearce's Purp & Soul already. Two of my faves -

15 May 2013

Patticakes - Ben Pearce

Sampling the legendary Patti Austin & Quincy Jones classic 'Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me', Ben Pearce scores high with this smooth disco edit. Free download courtesy of Annie Mac's Free Music Mondays.

7 May 2013

Reverse Skydiving (Shadow Child Remix) - Hot Natured ft. Anabel Englund

OH MAA GAAD. This tune is huge. The original is born of DJ collective Hot Natured which is composed of Lee Foss, Jamie Jones, Luca C and Ali Love who smashed it a couple of months back with the ecstasy-inducing 'Benediction'. Dave Spoon's alter ego Shadow Child changes things up with this mesmerising, more sinister, garage infused remix introducing one hell of a drop. Props to Anabel Englund for the bang-on vocals. If ever there was such thing as an ear-gasm, this is it. 

2 May 2013

The Gettup - Eats Everything & Justin Martin

One of the finest collabs of the year so far, Dirtybird superstars have come together to produce this stormer of a record on Claude Von Stroke's label. In spite of the fact that Eats Everything and Justin Martin come from opposite sides of the world (West Coasts of the UK and US respectively) it hasn't stopped them being a collaborative force to be reckoned with, having brought us 'Feather Fight' earlier this year and with a full-length album in the pipeline for 2014. 'The Gettup' boasts a catchy chopped up vocal sample that builds into a storm of bass that will have any listener out the door and on their way to de clube in seconds.

30 Apr 2013

In My Arms (Maths Time Joy Remix) - Karma Kid

The original of 'In My Arms' from young northerner Karma Kid is a beaut of a summer tune but this remix by Maths Time Joy brings things down a notch with a slower tempo and a more atmospheric vibe with strings and chimes that make you feel as though you're frolicking with the fairies. 

Intentions - Gorgon City ft. Clean Bandit

Gorgon City are one of my latest and most avid obsessions. Composed of Foamo and RackNRuin, it is so mesmerising to witness what their new venture has spawned. Their sound is very much club-orientated, bass-driven with their influences of jungle, house, grime, hip-hop and garage all making something of an appearance. Their remix of Clean Bandit's 'Nightingale'along with their collab with Yasmin on 'Real' are some of the superlative examples of dance music doing the rounds at the moment but 'Intentions' featuring Clean Bandit really takes the biscuit. YES BLACK BUTTER.

26 Apr 2013

Ex$penses - Fion

Fion is another youngsta (although at 22 a pensioner compared to the teens doing the rounds at the moment) with a love of experimenting with blending garage beats and bass with 90s house, and that's exactly what he's given us in this edit of Warren G's 'I Want It All'. Dirty bassline. Filthy.

20 Apr 2013

You Know You Like It (Skanky Remix) - AlunaGeorge

Another barely legal producer hailing from Norf London, Skanky has got me hooked on his bassy garage tunes, particularly this one sampling the now well-known vocals from AlunaGeorge's 'You Know You Like It'. Do I? Yes.

16 Apr 2013

Yolanda Be Cool - A Baru in New York ft. Gurruml (Flume Soundtrack Version)

'YOLANDA. I thought you said you were gonna be cool'.

Other than making me feel like I'm watching some sort of modern day re-make of the Lion King, this is an extremely powerful and emotive song. The new offering by Flume is a remix of the new Yolanda Be Cool song, skilfully mixing electronic music over tribal-y drums and vocals. Starts off as a slow burner but by the end you feel like Simba on top of the mountain.

Cockiness - Jonas LR

Never though I would come to like a song with the lyrics, "I love it when you eat it, I love it, I love it, I love it when you eat it". Not exactly subtle. But 18 year old Jonas LR gives this Rihanna track a MUCH need re-vamp, with a very pleasing result. Making my dull April feel like high summer.

15 Apr 2013

Audax (Real Nice's Jah Disco Remix) - Benedict Jackson

Originally from Bristol, the Real Nice bois aka Ben Lewis and Sam Wigg Winfield do exactly what they say on the tin. Churn out real nice tunes. The first release on their brand spanking new label Real Nice Recordings. 

10 Apr 2013

Beam Me Up - Close ft. Charlene Soraia & Scuba

Close (Will Saul's latest experiment) and Scuba have smashed it out of the park with this superb dance floor banger. Charlene's soft vocals are totally on point, and combined with the melodic percussion, form a formidable, alluring and 'dark-yet-ebullient' track.

9 Apr 2013

Painted Faces - Jacques Greene + Tinashe

Tinashe providing the vocals for this uncharacteristically bouncy Jacques Greene track; the most recent in Yours Truly's "Songs from Scratch" series.

5 Apr 2013

Wanting - Armeria

Yet more of Armeria's trademark upbeat, jubilant, chiller vibes perfect for this English weather...oh wait. But listening to this will make you believe it's sunny even if it's not. A beautiful and mellow snythy track with altered R&B vocals that melt in your ear.

1 Apr 2013

Jaded - Toyboy & Robin

LOVE this new one from favourites Toyboy & Robin. SO HOOKY. Getting it right every time. Lets dance.

29 Mar 2013

Violent Silence - Beatrice Eli

Whilst on paper just another female singer to emerge from Scandinavia, in fact, Beatrice Eli produces distinctive, hip-hop infused pop. Her voice is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, but the ethereal synths and mesmerising beats ensures the result is both modern and experimental.

28 Mar 2013

Bringing You Down - Jonas Rathsman

Swede Jonas Rathsman caused a stir with huge track 'Tobago' back in 2011, the first record to be released under his own name. Since then he has produced a multitude of some of my favourite feel good tunes such as 'Feeling You' and 'Since I Don't Have You' but he's totally smashed it with eclectic and fresh 'Bringing You Down'.

27 Mar 2013

So Submissive - Citizen

Fervent house enthusiast Citizen aka London based Laurence Matthew Blake hits Kerri Chandler's MadTech Records with this absolutely rip-roaring, floor-filling, ecstasy-inducing stonker of a record. His sound harks back to that soulful 80s Chicago sound where all things house began. The Adam and Eve of house, if you will, yet still retaining a modern twist with a garage beat. The very meaning of timeless. Thank you Citizen.

26 Mar 2013

Fixed (Maribou State Remix) - George Maple

I heard the original of this only last week, and really liked both the vocals and the gradual build up. This remix by the Maribou State boys is transformative; even more relaxing, ethereal and beautiful than the original.

Bo Peep (Do U Right) - Shlohmo feat. Jeremih

Shlohmo and Jeremih? The collaboration of dreams. Vocals and production go pretty much perfectly together. The only thing that could potentially top this would be a Shlohmo collab with Drake...

The PL (Behling and Simpson Remix) - Typesun

Typesun are playing alongside Maceo Plex at Motion in Bristol over Easter weekend, and I'm gutted to be away from the city. This is the remix of Typesun's new single 'PL' brought to you by two other Bristol boys, Behling and Simpson. Their years of experience shine through, producing a increased tempo, house mix of this slow R&B track.

Rudimental - Waiting All Night (Kidnap Kid Remix)

Such a refreshing take on a song which has become my treadmill/exercise song of the moment. Kidnap Kid takes snippets of the vocal from this Rudimental track, replaying them on a loop. Incredibly clean and tight production as ever.

22 Mar 2013


IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING, THE GALDEM HAVE FINALLY MANAGED TO PULL THEMSELVES TOGETHER AND NAB OURSELVES TICKETS TO HIDEOUT IN CROATIA THIS SUMMER. Needless to say you can probably deduce from the incessant use of capital letters that I am outrageously excited. I never thought I'd see the day where this many of our group (11 to be exact) would be sufficiently organised in actually following through on long standing plans to book something together for the summer. I've never been so glad to be proven wrong.

I had actually got myself a ticket last year and was planning on going with a couple of close friends but was mortified on realising that I had work experience starting the Monday after the festival and that obviously it would run late into Sunday night and the chances of me making it into London on time for work in the morning were average to slim. But that's all in the past now and I can only help but believe that God is giving me a second chance.

The feedback I've had of Hideout over the past two years has been overwhelmingly positive mostly thanks to the painstakingly careful construction of such tremendous line ups, this year including UK Bass heavy weights Chase & Status, Skream & Benga, Rudimental, SBTRKT, Julio Bashmore and other such big names. The beauty of Pag Island itself has got to be one of the other main factors of Hideout's magnetic attraction, placing over 100 acts in and around the stunning Zrcé Beach in it's many open air clubs and of course on the notorious Hideout Boat Parties.

The notably different atmosphere to that of other Croatian dance festivals was something that came up often when talking to last year's Hideout attendees with most highlighting it's difference from the other whopping and successful Croatian festival Outlook. Although Outlook is no doubt the boss of beach festivals the emphasis was that Hideout offered a more chilled vibe, a huge factor probably being the more heavy dub and drum&bass orientated nature of the Outlook line ups, where as Hideout leans more towards the house side of things. Hideout is also decidedly more glamorous than Outlook as the majority of Hideout's festival goers opt for staying in apartments in nearby Novalja.

One of the things I am most looking forward to is being far out at sea, watching the sun go down, and busting some serious moves whilst listening to the dulcet tones of Redlight, Bondax and Gorgon City. Yep, that's right, I've got We Own Boat Party tickets AAAHHH YEEAAHHH. Unfortunately our group had to split down the middle so the other half will be heading to the likes of Joy O and Jackmaster on the Numbers Boat Party which I am absolutely gutted to be missing but as I haven't seen Redlight or the Bondax boys since back in November (too long for my liking) I had to go for the We Own Boat Party. Seeing Skream & Benga tear it up on a boat would've been a very special moment, especially as I'm loving Skream's foray into disco ventures at the mo, but alas these sold out at the speed of light.

It's hard to pinpoint a few names out of the mass of talent that Hideout has got in store for me but West Coast producers Eats Everything and Justin Martin (UK and US west coasts respectively) are up there with the acts I'm most eager to see along with the likes of Tensnake, Baauer, Ben Pearce and Kidnap Kid.

So I leave you with Hideout's 2012 highlights to give you some idea of what glorious madness awaits me and be sure to expect rave reviews the minute I'm back.

19 Mar 2013

Rudimental - Waiting All Night ft. Ella Eyre (Clean Bandit Remix)

Drum & Bass quartet Rudimental have caused quite a stir with their club banger 'Waiting All Night' and although there's already a range of remixes circulating, my favourite has got to be Clean Bandit's more chilled and soulful take, supplementing it with their eccentric and original instrumental vibe, most notably the addition of strings. Can't wait to hear more of Clean Bandit's unique, creative and seamless electronic-pop. Can Black Butter do no wrong?

17 Mar 2013


Apart from finding out that J.Wiltshire is a plasterer in Havant (probably not the same person) I've also managed to find out that the house DJ J.Wiltshire is yet another ridiculously young and able producer hailing from Winchester. It's crazy to think that the kid is barely 18 but is making house tracks with such a nuanced, mature and refined quality, particularly as he only started making music on a laptop a year and a half ago with a little help from his friend Bareskin. They're both recently signed to Hypercolour which boasts an impressive roster of the finest House and Techno talent which obviously bodes well. All three of these tracks have a melodious, intimate and almost dream-like quality which has got me absolutely hooked. Can't wait to see what's in store for this guy. 

15 Mar 2013

Addicted (Polkadot Remix) - DrDr

Brighton trio DrDr are currently making waves with the soulful R&B inspired vocals of Donna Curson and the UK bass/garage/future garage and/or bass (what do we even call it anymore) inspired beats of producers Chris Campbell and Joe Woods. Polkadot gives it a more bouncy house twist in this remix.

3 Mar 2013

Treat Me Like Fire (Star Slinger Bootleg Mix) - Lion Babe

Star Slinger is a real life wizard. His remix of New York duo Lion Babe's 'Treat Me Like Fire' is even more upbeat and feisty than the original by putting the infectious vocals on a loop and upping the tempo. Tight as ever.

27 Feb 2013

Somateria - Polkadot

Polkadot first posted a cheeky teaser of this back in October and I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for the full track. FINALLY here it is. Another sick garage-esque house banger from young Sam Bevan.

22 Feb 2013

All I Can Give - Panda

Panda, aka old friends Callum, Charlie and Benny, are set to release their debut EP on Bondax's JustUs label next month and BOY am I excited. Similar sunny vibes to that of Bondax and Armeria channelling that deep house bass line, soulful vocals and energetic, lively beat. I foresee big things for Panda this year...BIG THINGS.

21 Feb 2013

Animaux - Kidnap Kid

The B-side to the So Close EP, in true Kidnap Kid style 'Animaux' is just as bouncy and catchy. It also helps that he's really really good looking.

20 Feb 2013

I Loved You - Blonde

Eton Messy founder Adam Englefield has not stopped since the swift take off of his Youtube channel. He DJs as Beluga Boy and is now producing with one half of Thieves under the alias Blonde. Their production endeavours first caught my attention when they sampled Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' in their debut 'Talk To You' turning it into something that I actually enjoyed listening to despite its origins, which is a testament to their superior musical skills. However they've managed to top it with the upbeat, garage infused house track 'I Loved You'.

16 Feb 2013

Doing It Wrong (Figgy Remix) - Drake

In this remix of 'Doing It Wrong', New Yorker Figgy alters the original almost beyond recognition speeding up the tempo, making it decidedly more up beat and giving it the house treatment whilst maintaining elements of the R&B.

15 Feb 2013

Marvin - Wayward

Leeds and London based school pals Lawrence and Louis already made waves with their track 'Only Flaw', garnering attention from all corners of the blogosphere as well as from the likes of Radio 1's Rob Da Bank. Their musical inspiration ranges from their parents' record collections and UK garage to wedding music, and weirdly this motley crew of influences emerges in their latest track 'Marvin'.

9 Feb 2013

5 Feb 2013

Remedy - Waifs & Strays

Music veterans Waifs & Strays first caught my ear with their infectious tune 'Yeah Yeah' back in 2010 and have been working their deep house magic ever since. Released on Futureboogie Recordings, 'Remedy' is mesmerising and seductive.

2 Feb 2013

Deliquesce - Bodhi

Welsh duo Bodhi are seriously channelling that 90s house vibe that's proving so popular at the moment, and doing it with considerable flare and style. The build in tune 'Deliquesce' is so beaut, can't wait to be listening to this loud in the summer sun. 

1 Feb 2013

Body Music - Alunageorge

Becca and I were massive AlunaGeorge fans very early on in the game and it's great to see them getting the recognition they deserve for their hugely original, innovative and captivating take on electronic pop. I am eagerly anticipating the release of their debut album on the 1st July but until then am making do with the title track for the album 'Body Music'.

23 Jan 2013

Lay Me Down - Sam Smith

Remember Sam Smith from Disclosure's chart topping hit 'Latch'? Well, here he is laid bare in all his acoustic glory. Stunning.

21 Jan 2013

What You Need - Armeria

Yet another young (and northern) producer on our hands here. Armeria aka Jake Norman first caught my attention with his melodic and soulful track 'While I've Got It Together' - a chilled future garage tune spliced with R&B elements. This led me to listen to his soundcloud on repeat so I was ecstatic when new track 'What You Need' emerged. Definitely worth the wait - chilled sunny vibes.

10 Jan 2013

Toyboy & Robin

I first caught wind of this London based duo on the Eton Messy channel with 'No More Sunshine' last summer. From there things dominoed and I found myself a new obsession. They effortlessly combine elements of house and bass music evocative of that magnetic 'future bass' sound, mixing in dulcet R&B  vocals. 'In Need' is another favourite of mine but their remix of Ellie Goulding's 'Figure 8' is probably the most addictive. I expect huge things from these fellas in 2013.

7 Jan 2013

SBTRKT live at Shepherd's Bush Empire

I've seen SBTRKT kill it live twice in the past year but I bloody wish I'd been at Shepherd's Bush Empire for this stunner.

Thinkin Bout You (AlunaGeorge Cover) - Frank Ocean

AlunaGeorge covering Frank Ocean's 'Thinkin Bout You' for Radio 1Xtra's Live Lounge. Can't think of a better combo.

5 Jan 2013

Please Don't Say You Love Me (Cyril Hahn Remix) - Gabrielle Alpin

I - unashamedly - love the original of this song. Having definitely rinsed the replay button, seeing that Cyril Hahn had taken his skilled handed to creating a remix, made me very excited. Adding to a gradually building reppatoire of remixes, Cyril Hahn kicks of his 2013 with this deep remix perfectly complemented by Gabrielle Alpin's vocals. Midas touch once again..


3 Jan 2013

Need U (100%) - Duke Dumont

Love this track from the London based producer; instrumental and vocals (provided by the 17 year old AME!) are both great, channeling a 90s house feel.

Sleepless - Flume (Charles Murdoch Remix)

This smooth remix of Flume's 'Sleepless' is brought you by Aussie Charles Murdoch (a member of the band, Mitzi) on Future Classic's label. I've heard a couple of other remixes of this song, but the way Charles Murdoch cuts up the vocals and adds in choppy melodies makes this one stand above the others - proving good things do come from down under.

Copycat - Skream ft. Kelis

Not the kind of sound I'd come to know from Skream, but this new track 'Copycat' sees an interesting collaboration with Kelis who brings her distinctive vocals. However, maybe not one to listen to over a cup of tea with your parents..

1 Jan 2013

Ladies In The Back (Feat. Teki Latex) (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix) - Star Slinger

THIS IS DEDICATED TO MY LADIES IN THE BACK. Amine Edge & DANCE on the remix for Star Slinger, huge deep house floor filler on our hands here. So funky I feel like I need a fro.