16 Jun 2013

Shadow Child

Shadow Child, real name Simon Neale, has been dominating alotta air time on my ipod recently. Having moved on from 'Dave Spoon' to break the creative boundaries associated with the name, Shadow Child's bass heavy tech house has been tearing up dancefloors all over the shop. This new project burst on the scene with the Dirtybird release 'String Thing' in early 2012 and has gone on to prove the change of name was no mistake. The uplifting trademark sound born of Shadow Child is instantly recognisable and annoyingly infectious in tracks like '23' feat. Tymer, his remix of 'Annie's Song' and obviously the huge Hot Natured remix of 'Reverse Skydiving'. Most recently and possibly my favourite to date is the euphoric remix of Movement's 'Feel Real' with stripped down and seductive vocals complemented perfectly with the aforementioned distinguishable, deep bassline which has cemented him in the proud place of my new obsession. I salute you Shadow Child/Simon/Dave.

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