30 Oct 2013

Hot Since 82 - Little Black Book

Much to the dismay of my housemates I've had Hot Since 82's new album 'Little Black Book' on the Moda Black label stuck on repeat for an annoyingly long time. BUT IT'S JUST SO DAMN GOOD. At 30, Leeds based Daley Padley is one of the more seasoned, shall we say, of producers compared to the myriad fresh-faced teens that are doing the circuit at the moment.
He started DJing when he was 17 giving him plenty of time to perfect his craft. A regular at Ibiza superclubs, he became somewhat disillusioned with the direction his music was heading in and dropped off the scene circa 2007. Thank the Lord he fell back in love with it other wise I never would have got my filthy hands on this absolute belter of an album.
Dark, mysterious, atmospheric, textured, sexy house with euphoric builds and hefty drops is what it's all about. 'Chords' and his remix of Shadow Child's 'So High' are two of my favourites from the album, but make sure you check out the whole thing. Well worth it.

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