10 Aug 2013

Maribou State - 'All Time Favourites' Minimix

I can only apologise for allowing this one to pass me by until today. Brought to you by my absolute favourite producing duo of the day - Maribou State - I have no excuses to offer for having only just stumbled across this 10 minute minimix of pure brilliance. The pair have been experiencing burgeoning, much-deserved success and recognition since 2011, with their most recent releases including 'Scarlett Groove' and 'Tongue'.

The first time I listened to this minimix, I did so without glancing at the set list, and could not believe the number of songs which would undoubtedly feature in my list of all time top songs ever (I always knew Maribou State and I were KINDRED SPIRTIS): Dawn Penn, Daughter, Jai Paul, Floating Points and Kelis to name but a few. I feel this minimix showcases Maribou State's sheer skill and bredth of musical influence. A personal favourite moment was hearing the vocals from one my fave song of the past year Rhye's 'Open', appearing over The Weeknd track - a beauty!

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